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Archive: March 2011

Japan’s Winter Wildlife 2011 Trip Report

I’m now back home from the Japan’s Winter Wildlife tour, and finally over the jet lag that goes along with the time change between Portland and Tokyo.  This is one of my favorite tours, one which I&rsqu... Read More

By John Shaw on Mar 30, 2011

Oldest Wild Bird is New Mother

The oldest known wild bird in the U.S. is a new mother.

A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist spotted the Laysan albatross that’s at least 60 years old a few weeks ago. It was with a chick at Midway... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Mar 09, 2011

Florida Farm Photography Felony

You just can’t make this stuff up!  Florida State Senator Jim Norman from Tampa has introduced SB 1246 into the Florida Senate that would make it a 1st degree felony to photograph any part of a farm—eve... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Mar 01, 2011