Snow Leopards of Ladakh

The Hunt for the Gray Ghosts of the Himalayas

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Legends of folklore and shrouded in mystery, snow leopards—the gray ghosts of mountainous Central Asia—are without doubt the most elusive of the world's big cats.
Dwelling atop the Roof of the World, snow leopards live in a punishing terrain of rocky cliffs, river bluffs, rugged grasslands, and arid high-altitude slopes and ridges.  They are a flagship species at the apex of the food chain.  Threatened by expanding human and livestock populations into their lofty habitat, by retaliation for their predation of domestic animals, and by poaching for their luxuriant pelts, snow leopards have been notoriously difficult to see and almost impossible to photograph—until now!
Snow leopardFrom the new Snow Leopard Lodge—the only dedicated wildlife lodge in Ladakh, India—we endeavor to photograph these felines of impeccable camouflage as they descend to lower altitudes from their lofty summer home range following the seasonal movements of prey species—blue sheep and Siberian ibex.  The lodge provides many comforts for this extremely remote location—heat, good food, comfortable beds, toilets and warm bucket showers—without having to deal with the exhausting issues and discomfort of winter tent camping in intense cold aggravated by high altitude.  The lodge is relatively isolated, with far fewer tourists in the area than at an alternative snow leopard viewing location.
Our lodge accommodations take this recently discovered access to snow leopards to a whole new level.  No longer do you need to haul your own arctic sleeping bag halfway around the world, sleep on a thin mat in a tiny "crawl-in" tent, head outside in the dark and freezing cold to use a pit toilet, go without a shower for a week, or constantly live in your winter parka.  Here, power is easily available for charging batteries and other devices.
We reside in the extremely tiny village of Ulley (about seven houses) which becomes our base as our Ladakhi trackers use their knowledge, dedication and commitment to follow the cats.  They interact closely with the local people, using this network of regional intelligence to keep track of snow leopard movement.
We are in these highly photogenic wintry mountains during the snow leopard mating season when their activity level is high and their caution is lower.  On this trip, heavy snow in the mountains is advantageous for us as it drives sheep farther down the mountains and, with them, the snow leopards.  These days it is sometimes possible to photograph these beautiful cats at "close" range on a kill, while pursuing sheep, or while mating—but big telephoto lenses prove to be invaluable here.
Besides the awesome cats, spectacular Himalayan peaks and rugged steppe scenery, we may have opportunities to shoot additional Himalayan wildlife, including Ladakh urial, woolly hare, Royle's pika, Tibetan gray wolf, red fox, plus blue sheep and Siberian ibex.  We may shoot lammergeiers and Himalayan griffon vultures, and large raptors such as golden eagles and upland buzzards are also a possibility, along with their prey species Himalayan snowcock and chukar, plus a host of smaller high-altitude birds.
Though these winter days are short, there is plenty of time to obtain great images of a part of the world seldom visited by photographers.  Be prepared for cold temperatures and some high-altitude hiking to obtain the best wildlife photography opportunities.  Then relax in Ladakh's only wildlife lodge which—with a fully booked trip—we will have entirely to ourselves.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Depart home.
Day 2 (Feb 25)
Participants arrive at the international airport in Delhi, India.  After clearing Customs and Immigration, our representative meets you for the transfer to our hotel.
Day 3
We depart for the airport for our very early morning flight (less than two hours) to the town of Leh, Ladakh, located in the extreme north of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  Ladakh—"land of high passes"—is renowned for spectacular mountain landscapes bounded by both the mighty Himalayas and the Karakoram Ranges.  The "official" altitude of Leh is 11,483 feet.  We spend two days in Leh as our acclimatization outpost.  Here, we relax and have our bodies adjust to the high altitude, low atmospheric pressure, and low oxygen availability before heading to Snow Leopard Lodge in Ulley at 13,000 feet.  (BLD)
Day 4
Slow and steady is the order of the day in Leh.  Culturally, Ladakh is occasionally referred to as "Little Tibet" and Leh, with its photogenic Sankar Gompa Buddhist monastery, beautiful white-domed Shanti Stupa, and 16th-century Leh Palace attests to that moniker.  (BLD)
Day 5
We drive west, generally following the Indus River and passing through the small town of Nimmu.  Nimmu, situated at the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers, is an important jumping off point for seasonal white water rafting trips on the Indus River.  Except for the plant growth along the rivers, the town is virtually devoid of vegetation due to its high desert climate within the rain shadow of the Himalayas. 
Continuing north on the road to Likir—one of Ladakh's famous Buddhist monasteries—the terrain becomes even more expansive and open.  This is snow leopard country and our guides help us keep a watchful eye out for the cryptic coloration of these elusive cats.  Before reaching our lodge we turn off onto a dirt road winding up a narrow valley along the Ulley Chhu, a mountain stream.  This is excellent ibex habitat.  There are few more evocative Himalayan wildlife images than a magnificently horned male ibex silhouetted against the sky.  There, balanced on some impossibly narrow ledge on the edge of a plunging cliff, the ibex seems to defy gravity, mocking the sheer drop of a thousand feet.
Enjoying the HimalayaThis evening, after the day’s drive, we relax at our cozy high-altitude lodge in snow leopard country.  (BLD)
Days 6–11
The Snow Leopard Lodge presents a commanding view of the impressive surrounding high mountains as well as excellent views of the valley below.  Strategically located, the lodge provides access to three valleys, all within prime snow leopard winter ranges.  From the lodge itself, ibex are easily seen along with the possibility of wolves, foxes and (with great luck) even a snow leopard.
Before sunrise, our skilled leopard trackers are in the field in search of these elusive "gray ghosts."  But since the sun rises late in winter, our group enjoys breakfast while we wait for a radio report from our men in the field.  If they wish, participants may join the Ladakhi trackers early in the morning during the tracking session.
Once a snow leopard is spotted we drive to the closest available location and then hike in to photographic range.  Porters are available for hire to carry our biggest lenses and we take care not to overexert ourselves as we hike at this high altitude.  The ideal situation arises when a kill is discovered, as the cat usually stays in the area until its prey is largely consumed.  Once we are in the field our Ladakhi tracking expert coaches us on the proper way to get as close to the cats as possible.
Other walks get us into good photographic range of urial and blue sheep, and whatever other Himalayan wildlife species come our way.  (BLD)
Day 12
We return to Leh.  Activities today depend on the energy level of the group.  (BLD)
Day 13 (Mar 6)
We fly to Delhi, arriving in the early afternoon.  Dayrooms are provided at an airport hotel.  After dinner we transfer to the international terminal to catch onward flights for home.  (BLD)
Day 14
Arrive home.

This is a unique high-altitude tour.  It offers the possibility of photographing snow leopards in the wild—but it is not a sure thing!  Some acclimatization days are scheduled at a lower altitude to help get adjusted before arriving at our lodge at 13,000 feet.  For the most part our guides initially sight a cat by car using a spotting scope.  However, at 13,000 feet, hiking to get within photographic range of the sighting can be strenuous and potentially non-productive.  Cats on kills are more of a sure thing.  A cat on a kill close to the road is the holy grail for photographers.

Participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their doctor regarding their health at this high altitude and obtain their opinion as to whether the use of Diamox (Acetazolamide) as a prophylaxis for high-altitude sickness is recommended. 

Emergency evacuation insurance is required.
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Snow Leopards of Ladakh

Feb 24, 2020 - Mar 07, 2020

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Snow Leopards of Ladakh: Strenuous Activity Level

Van and commercial airline transportation.  Potentially strenuous hiking while carrying camera gear at extreme elevation of 13,000 feet to reach snow leopard on possible kill.  Participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their doctor regarding their health at this high altitude and obtain their opinion as to whether the use of Diamox (Acetazolamide) as a prophylaxis for high-altitude sickness is recommended. Expect cold temperatures throughout the trip.

Trip Details
Feb 24 - Mar 07, 2020
Deposit: $1,000
Limit: 14 participants
Activity Level: StrenuousStrenuous
  • A chance to photograph snow leopards in the wild—the world’s most elusive big cat
  • Lodge accommodations offer comfort in lieu of winter tent camping
  • Our own vehicles transport us as close as possible to the cats while other tours must hike the entire way from their tent camp
  • Shoot spectacular Himalayan mountain landscapes
  • Our own expert leopard trackers linked in to local villagers and a network of other wildlife guides greatly enhance our chance of successful snow leopard photography
  • A variety of Himalayan wildlife, Tibetan architecture and remote village life round out our photo opportunities
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