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Costa Rica Birds—The Green Season
Nov 25 - Dec 07, 2023
Costa Rica has extraordinary habitats and ecolodges within them. We visit some of the country's prime bird photography locations to create images of amazingly colorful rain forest and cloud forest birds. The stars of the show are resplendent quetzals—one of the most beautiful birds in the Americas.
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Bosque del Apache & White Sands National Park
Dec 10 - Dec 16, 2023
Enjoy the pleasure of wildlife and landscape photography all rolled into one week of intense photography in New Mexico. We are up early for first light for the exciting snow geese “blast off” at Bosque del Apache with early entrance permit at White Sands National Park. Prime trip dates for birds.
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Japan's Winter Wildlife
Jan 26 - Feb 10, 2024
Incredible photographic access to snow monkeys, Japanese cranes, whooper swans, white-tailed and Steller's sea eagles in snowy landscapes. One of Earth's finest—yet little-known—winter wildlife shoots. Ranks in Joe Van Os' Top 10 wildlife photo trips in the world!
Yellowstone in Winter
Multiple Departure Dates 2024
Capture the very best of Yellowstone’s snowy interior—unique geothermal features, snow-encrusted landscapes and foraging wildlife—with our expert leader who knows the park intimately. Four snow coach days and time to explore special areas on foot.
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Snowy Owls of the Canadian Prairies, Alberta
Feb 05 - Feb 09, 2024
Photograph snowy owls, the extraordinary “Arctic Ghosts,” in Alberta’s snowy prairie habitats. Three shooting days provide great opportunities to capture portrait images, birds in flight and owls as part of the winter landscape.
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Norway's Lofoten Islands
Feb 15 - Feb 23, 2024
The Lofoten Archipelago is considered by many to be the most beautiful setting in Norway. Jagged mountains rise from the sea as backdrops to cozy fishing villages. Rugged seascapes are seen at every turn.  With clear weather this landscape is a spectacular foreground for the aurora borealis
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Bald Eagles, Sea Otters & Coastal Wildlife of Kachemak Bay, Alaska
Multiple Departure Dates 2024
A spectacular wildlife shoot amidst Alaska’s most photogenic settings. Five full days of photography from a chartered boat along the Kenai Peninsula to capture dynamic in-flight and perched eagle images, endearing close-ups of sea otters, and wildlife in rugged winter landscapes.
Norway’s Senja Island in Winter
Feb 23 - Mar 01, 2024
Virtually undiscovered by photographers, Senja Island and adjacent Lyngen Alps provide world class winter arctic landscape photography with an outstanding potential for spectacular aurora borealis displays. Reside in comfy hotels in the heart of this accessible, raw, and rugged countryside.
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Florida Birds
Multiple Departure Dates 2024
Florida’s East Coast has become a great new focal point for nature photographers from all over the world. Shoot several exciting wading bird colonies at close range including wood storks, spoonbills, herons and egrets plus the world’s highest density of nesting ospreys—by boat and on shore.
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Great Gray Owls of the North Woods, Alberta
Multiple Departure Dates 2024
Photograph these magnificent birds of prey, the “Phantoms of the Forest,” in the remote forests of central Alberta. Three full shooting days provide many opportunities to capture intimate photos of the great gray owls during the snowiest month of the year.
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Ultimate Tigers
Mar 30 - Apr 10, 2024
Photograph the world’s largest living cats and other Indian wildlife for six shooting days in one of the world’s most impressive tiger reserves. Special government photography permits in Bandhavgarh National Park allow unrestricted daytime entry for three full days. Only two photographers per safari vehicle.
White Horses of Camargue
Apr 07 - Apr 14, 2024
Consider the dreamlike quality of a herd of white horses as they thunder—manes flashing, foam flying—across the shallow marshlands of France’s famous Camargue. Consider, too, the prospect of four days of electrifying photography, capturing every nuance of these powerful horses hurtling directly toward...
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Costa Rica Birds & Wildlife
Apr 09 - Apr 21, 2024
Costa Rica has extraordinary habitats and ecolodges within them. We visit some of the country's prime bird photography locations to create images of amazingly colorful rain forest and cloud forest birds. The stars of the show are resplendent quetzals—one of the most beautiful birds in the Americas.
Faroe Islands
Apr 18 - Apr 26, 2024
Far to the north, amidst the frothing swells of the Atlantic Ocean, lies a small archipelago of remote and rugged islands. Situated halfway between Norway and Iceland—and far off the radar screen of most photography travelers—they are known as the Faroe Islands. These eighteen little-visited island gems...
May 11 - May 26, 2024
Where East meets West. An exciting cross section of spectacular Cappadocia landscapes, extraordinary architecture, incredible Greek and Roman ruins, a wonderful cuisine, and friendly people that combine to make this a trip of superlatives. Explore the best of Istanbul and beyond.
May 24 - Jun 10, 2024
From its beautiful quiver tree forest, surreal sand-conquered ghost town of Kolmanskop, and the colossal red sand Sossusvlei Dunes to the superlative Etosha National Park, Namibia provides exciting photo subjects at every turn. Photograph vast numbers of wildlife at Etosha's numerous water holes.
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Ultimate Galápagos
May 29 - Jun 15, 2024
Our signature two-week extended voyage around Darwin's enchanted islands. The most exciting and comprehensive Galápagos itinerary we've ever offered. Visit virtually all of the most spectacular photo locations. Fantastic boat, great shooting, good food, tropical sunshine, and lots of fun! 
Arctic Birds and Musk Oxen of Nome, Alaska
Jun 03 - Jun 09, 2024
Photograph the summer arrival of shorebirds, waterfowl and northern songbirds in Alaska’s arctic. Create images of grazing musk oxen, caribou, moose and red foxes on barren tundra hillsides and verdant valleys—all under the summer’s long hours of daylight. 
Italy’s Dolomite Mountains in Spring
Jun 15 - Jun 25, 2024
One of the most photogenic mountain landscapes on Earth. Vertical walls of pale gray rock rise steeply above foothills forested with golden larches, sweeping meadows, deep valleys, crystal-clear alpine lakes and charming mountain towns.
Olympic National Park, Washington
Jun 23 - Jun 29, 2024
Alpine scenery with wildflower meadows and dramatic vistas, plus a rugged coastline, sea stacks, waterfalls and verdant moss-draped rain forest set the stage for a quintessential Pacific Northwest photographic adventure.
Whales, Wildlife and Wilderness—Alaska
Jun 24 - Jul 03, 2024
Experience the breathtaking excitement of world-class humpback whale photography in the pristine waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage during the prime summer season. Whales breach, tail-slap, and bubble-net and lunge feed amidst snowcapped mountain backdrops on this luxurious photo cruise.
Brown Bears of Silver Salmon Creek
Multiple Departure Dates 2024
A cozy private fly-in lodge is our base for a week of amazing brown bear photography amidst verdant marshes and tidal flats with serrate mountain backdrops. We encounter the bears—close up, on foot and at their eye level—as they forage, often with cubs in tow, in this vast unspoiled wilderness. 
Puffins on the Fly, Iceland
Multiple Departure Dates 2024
Iceland is home to more than half the world’s population of Atlantic puffins—as well as fantastic numbers of other seabirds that nest on its towering cliffs. We photograph at scenic Grimsey Island, one of the country's most amazing puffin colonies, for 5 shooting days.
Jaguars & Wildlife of Brazil's Pantanal
Multiple Departure Dates 2024
The world's premier wetland with photo access to stunning birds and mammals, with a focus on jaguars. Five full days are dedicated to jaguar photography from small boats—3 photographers per boat. Travel with a local photo guide who intimately knows the wildlife and natural history of the Pantanal.
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Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
Jul 25 - Aug 02, 2024
Glacier Bay is among the world’s most active tidewater glacial areas. The deep ice-jammed waters support a variety of photogenic wildlife, both in these frigid waters and onshore. Whales, bears and seabirds abound. Cruise the bay and its glaciers by luxurious private yacht with special park entry permit.
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Botswana Wildlife
Aug 05 - Aug 17, 2024
Two incredibly productive wildlife areas—private Mashatu Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. Photograph elephants and other animals up close and below eye level from waterhole photo blinds. Shoot from boats specially designed for photographers for a unique below eye-level perspective. 
Wild Madagascar
Sep 26 - Oct 13, 2024
Completely isolated for nearly 100 million years, Madagascar—the “eighth continent”—has evolved into an amazing collection of photogenic endemic plants and animals.  Travel with private chartered flights and spacious ground transportation to the island’s best photo spots.
Colorado Fall Colors
Sep 29 - Oct 05, 2024
Photograph the blazing yellow aspen forests that punctuate the rugged Colorado Rocky Mountains topography—jagged summits and deep breathtaking valleys under blue sky. Improve your photography skills while learning about light, color and graphic design on location.
Acadia National Park and Coastal Maine in Autumn
Oct 16 - Oct 22, 2024

Rugged, rocky headlands, a lighthouse carved into a granite ledge, a quiet harbor on a dreamy foggy morning, tide pools and crashing waves, or a hillside of flaming maples and birches—all these exciting photographic possibilities describe our classic Acadia National Park photo tour in October.

Yosemite in Autumn
Oct 20 - Oct 26, 2024
The towering rock walls that form the bones of Yosemite’s spectacular valley are at their finest in the warm low-angled light of fall. The Merced River flows at a gentler pace and autumn-hued foliage and granite peaks are framed in mirror-like waters. Yosemite in autumn is a never-ending source of inspiration.
Croatia and Slovenia: Food, Wine & Photography
Oct 22 - Nov 02, 2024
Focus on the breadbasket of this beautiful region.  Photography concentrates on the autumn landscapes of rolling hills, traditional villages, vineyards, private estates, wine cellars, and the Adriatic seacoast.  Wine tastings of regional wines plus food photography with a professional food stylist.
Hummingbirds of Ecuador's Andean Cloud Forest
Oct 23 - Nov 02, 2024
Photograph the world's most incredible hummingbird spectacle using our new multiple flash systems. Capture images of these tiny jeweled wonders perched, in flight, and feeding from tropical flowers. See more hummingbird species at our feeders than all of the species that live in the US and Canada. 
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Caddo Lake and Big Cypress Bayou in Autumn
Oct 27 - Oct 31, 2024
Autumn brings a blaze of color to the bald cypress trees of Caddo Lake and the Big Cypress Bayou in Texas. Explore quiet backwaters by boat and photograph the graphic quality of these stately trees as ethereal fog drifts amidst the gnarled trunks as the sun rises and sets.
Patagonia's Mountain Landscapes in Spring
Nov 04 - Nov 20, 2024
At the southern tip of South America lies an area surrounded by the South Atlantic on its east, the storm-ridden South Pacific on its west, and to its south the tempestuous, Antarctic-influenced "Southern Ocean." The land is Patagonia, a vast windswept semi-arid plateau that encompasses over one-third of...
Costa Rica Birds—The Green Season
Nov 25 - Dec 07, 2024
Costa Rica has extraordinary habitats and ecolodges within them. We visit some of the country's prime bird photography locations to create images of amazingly colorful rain forest and cloud forest birds. The stars of the show are resplendent quetzals—one of the most beautiful birds in the Americas.
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Botswana—The Okavango Delta
Nov 29 - Dec 10, 2024
Explore two 200,000-acre private wildlife reserves and the variety of habitats within them. The short rain brings low lush grasses, the birth of many “prey species” and energize the big cats and wild dogs that hunt them. Shoot from open safari vehicles—4 photographers per vehicle and small boats.