Tour Leader: Josh Miller

Josh Miller is a professional nature photographer and educator. For more than twenty years he has used these skills to help students feel comfortable pushing their creative boundaries and grow as photographers. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Josh developed a love of mountains and “bad” weather. He became interested in photography while working at Denali National Park for a summer job during college. After graduation he moved to the mountains of northern California to spend as much time as possible climbing, skiing, and photographing in the Sierra. His images have been published by National Geographic, Sierra Club, Audubon, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, and Outside Magazine, and he is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Josh is passionate about the environment, and he photographs for conservation projects at every opportunity. He lives with his wife and two sons in Nevada City, California.

Josh's Scheduled Tours

Yosemite in Autumn    Oct 20 - Oct 26, 2024
Patagonia's Mountain Landscapes in Spring    Nov 04 - Nov 20, 2024