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Midway Atoll 2012 Trip Report

Our 2012 Midway trips were absolutely spectacular—but you knew I was going to write that! Everyone who traveled with us this year to photograph the atoll was simply blown away by the incredible bird spectacle that... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Apr 20, 2012

Bolivia & Chile 2012 Trip Report

I got high on my last Photo Safari. Literally high—about 5,000 meters high, roughly 16,000 feet in elevation. This was the “high point” (please pardon the obvious pun) of the trip to the Altiplano dese... Read More

By John Shaw on Apr 16, 2012

Denali National Park in Autumn 2011 Trip Report

It was an oppressive summer throughout much of the US in 2011, especially here in Texas. Record highs, record number of days over 100°F, record drought. Yuck. What better way to escape than to head north, and what b... Read More

By David W. Boston on Apr 05, 2012

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