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Archive: April 2016

Ultimate Tigers 2016 Trip Report

You can’t type field notes on an iPhone from the back of a moving elephant. It doesn’t matter if you’re 65 years old or a 15-year-old with an Android, it’s next to impossible to hang onto a roc... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Apr 14, 2016

Iceland in Winter 2016 Trip Report

Some proposed alternate names for this year's Iceland in Winter tour:

  • The "first time this has ever happened" tour. Just weeks before we were to start our trip... Read More

    By John Shaw on Apr 13, 2016

Aurora Borealis, Fairbanks, Alaska 2016 Trip Report

Our 2016 Aurora Borealis Alaska tour began at Mt. Skiland, also known as Mt. Aurora, just outside of Fairbanks.  The first night was just the warm-up show, giving our group a taste of what it is like to photo... Read More

By Stuart Westmorland and Kevin McNeal on Apr 01, 2016

Japan's Winter Wildlife 2016 Trip Report

I have traveled a good part of the world over photographing wildlife, landscapes and culture. Back in the 1980s, when I first picked up a camera and began to discover some of the classic wildlife images, one shot stood ... Read More

By Darrell Gulin on Apr 01, 2016