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Archive: April 2017

Wild Hawai'i 2017 Trip Report

The Big Island of Hawaii left me a little speechless. In all my travels, I’ve never experienced a place with such fascinating variations of geography, weather, microclimates and vegetation. It’s hard to wrap yo... Read More

By Todd Pierce on Apr 24, 2017

Iceland in Winter 2017 Trip Report

Weather.  That was the big challenge on this year's Iceland in Winter trip.  "What's the weather forecast?" was a laughable question, as conditions changed so fast, and so often, that the answer... Read More

By John Shaw on Apr 10, 2017

Japan's Winter Wildlife 2017 Trip Report

Joe Van Os has said that the Japan’s Winter Wildlife Tour is one of his Top Ten wildlife photography trips in the world—and I certainly agree with this statement. I've led this tour several times and have a... Read More

By John Shaw on Apr 04, 2017