Essential China 2014 Trip Report

By Darrell Gulin on Aug 04, 2014

This past May I led a Joseph Van Os Photo Safari fittingly titled “Essential China.” Essential: absolutely necessary, indispensable. Why? Because we visited many of the classic icons of China—and left with fantastic memories and images. The accompanying slide show images capture a taste of places and moments in time, but still cannot completely convey the awe, energy, struggle and magnitude of the country and its people that I felt while there.

Here are some capsule impressions and perceptions I brought back:

The Forbidden City: It’s huge. People, people, and more people. Colorful. Energetic.

The Great Wall: Breathtaking. Massive. Stairs, more stairs. My own reason for returning to China. A sunrise when all pieces—misty fog, light—came together for one panoramic image.

Yellow Mountain: Awesome. Classic. Asian. Steps, climbing, more steps. Fog. Massive crowds. Wonderful hotel.

Terracotta Warriors: Inspiring. Buried. Question: why there? Great local guides.

Guilin: Magical. Fairyland. Early, early mornings. Yes, I want to go back to photograph again!

These are just some of my recollections and reflections after returning from China. There were four internal flights, 3 AM risings, hikes, and more steps and stairs than I want to ever remember. But, oh, what amazing indescribable locations, landscapes and experiences. I am ready to return.

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