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Archive: August 2018

Ultimate Puffins, Iceland 2018 Trip Report

Tourism is increasing around the world and travel to Iceland is no exception.  This tiny island country is currently one of the darlings of the travel industry and has seen an exponential increase in travelers to its ... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Aug 27, 2018

Jaguars & Wildlife of Brazil's Pantanal 2018 Trip Report

This year I had the good fortune to lead three consecutive Photo Safari tours to the Pantanal. All three tours were full of incredible photo opportunities, yet each was very different from the others. Below, I have combine... Read More

By Mark Thomas on Aug 27, 2018

St. Paul, Pribilof Islands Alaska 2018 Trip Report

Every journey begins with a single step. For our photography journey to St. Paul, one of Alaska’s Pribilof Islands, our group’s trip began with a single flight. After a slight delay, the three-hour flight over ... Read More

By Eric Rock on Aug 02, 2018