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Archive: August 2021

Olympic National Park 2021 Trip Report

I think it is a common theme, but I will repeat it—it was great to be back out in the field and enjoying nature through the lens with a group of eager photographers! Now that many of us are feeling more confident of ... Read More

By Melissa Scott on Aug 17, 2021

Glacier National Park 2021 Trip Report

When you imagine photographing rugged mountain landscapes towering over crystal clear lakes and multicolored wildflower meadows—all easily accessible from comfortable historic lodges—then Glacier National Park ... Read More

By Eric Rock on Aug 02, 2021

Yellowstone in Spring 2021 Trip Report

It is true spring can come a little early or it can arrive a little late in Yellowstone National Park. But you can always be sure it will occur as sure as there will be blooming wildflowers and newborn animals of the year.... Read More

By Eric Rock on Aug 02, 2021