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Archive: August 2022

Puffins on the Fly, Iceland 2022 Trip Report

Word has it that Grimsey Island was inadvertently discovered by Norwegian Vikings sailing their square-rigged longships more than a thousand years ago. It’s said they were searching for the Hebrides Islands off the S... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Aug 12, 2022

Glacier National Park 2022 Trip Report

Glacier National Park, known also as the Crown of the Continent, contains just the right mix of mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls to keep even the most avid landscape photographer engrossed in their craft. Time this... Read More

By Eric Rock on Aug 12, 2022

Arctic Birds and Musk Oxen of Nome Alaska 2022 Trip Report

It’s tundra time!

Life returns with the green-up, and spring green was just gracing the tundra landscape as we arrived at Nome. That worked perfectly for our photo tour because as the green returns so ... Read More

By Eric Rock on Aug 12, 2022