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Archive: December 2022

Colorado Fall Colors 2022 Trip Report

Contrary to popular belief, the leaves of deciduous trees like aspens do not actively switch color in the autumn, but rather reveal underlying pigments that already exist. During the spring and summer, trees produce an abu... Read More

By Todd W. Pierce on Dec 22, 2022

Yosemite in Autumn 2022 Trip Report

There is something about arriving to the Yosemite Valley that conjures up emotions and feelings of grandeur. We made our group arrival through the south entrance while driving along the scenic Wawona road. Just as we began... Read More

By Eric Rock on Dec 15, 2022

Greenland's Scoresby Sound 2022 Trip Report

I saw Greenland for the first time many years ago from the cockpit of a 747 jetliner on a flight between Europe and my home in Calgary, Alberta. From 35,000 feet the ice below us stretched to the horizon in every direction... Read More

By Wayne Lynch on Dec 15, 2022

Kenya Wildlife 2022 Trip Report

One of the first places photographers think of when considering an Africa photo safari is Kenya. This is for very good reason! Kenya offers one of the greatest diversities of large animals in a grand landscape foun... Read More

By Eric Rock on Dec 01, 2022