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Archive: February 2020

Yellowstone in Winter 2020 Trip Report

When the grip of winter finally takes hold on the Yellowstone Plateau, the landscape is transformed into a winter wonderland of fire and ice. Meadows once carpeted by lush green grasses are now blanketed in several fe... Read More

By Jeff Vanuga on Feb 25, 2020

Dalmatian Pelicans and Big Birds of Bulgaria 2020 Trip Report

If Bernie Sanders were a bird, he would obviously be a Dalmatian pelican. Both Bernie and these big charismatic birds sport a white flyaway mop-top that would necessitate an entire tube of Brylcreem to keep under control.<... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Feb 13, 2020

Slovenia in Winter 2020 Trip Report

On almost every day of our winter photo tour, the temperature in Ljubljana—Slovenia’s capital city—hovered around 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon.  Slovenia in Winter, indeed! This unseasonabl... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Feb 11, 2020