Cuba Update

By Jeff Vanuga on Jan 30, 2015

Since the Obama administration has initiated historic talks to end 50 years of isolation and reopen diplomatic avenues with Cuba, we have received numerous calls and emails inquiring when we will be offering photo trips to our neighbor to the south. Like 66% of Americans who support normalization of diplomatic relations, we are also anxious to “taste the forbidden fruit” with the potential easing of off-limits travel restrictions—but, unfortunately, we are not there yet!

At this moment, most American “tourists” can only visit Cuba on an obligatory “People to People” tour. This supposed “cultural exchange” requires travelers to visit the island with a US government licensed tour operation. On these “People to People” trips, much of the travel experience involves listening to required lectures on Cuban history and culture, visiting a cigar factory and talking with students, teachers, doctors and community leaders. There is very little “free time” for photography.

Sure, we’d like to wander around Havana to get the shot of a ’57 Chevy parked in front of a mural of Che Guevara. But we will wait until we can do it on our own terms, without travel restrictions and the expensive additional layers of US government licensed “People to People” tour operators.

We’ll keep you posted!

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