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Archive: January 2022

Costa Rica Birds—The Green Season 2021 Trip Report

At roughly the size of West Virginia, Costa Rica encompasses only 0.03 percent of the planet’s surface but is still within the top 20 richest countries in biodiversity on Earth in terms of species density. More than ... Read More

By Mark Thomas on Jan 24, 2022

Bosque del Apache & White Sands National Park 2021 Trip Report

The warm New Mexico winter light we experienced during our December Photo Safari is something very difficult to describe. If you are a fan of the magical pink and purple sunrises of the high New Mexico dese... Read More

By Melissa Scott and Eric Rock on Jan 13, 2022

Colorado Fall Colors 2021 Trip Report

Planning a photo tour over a year in advance is a tricky business, even for the most seasoned tour operator and even for a guy who has lived in Colorado all of my life! Certain variables are best planned that far in advanc... Read More

By Todd W. Pierce on Jan 07, 2022

Death Valley 2021 Trip Report

There are places on this planet of ours that evoke a palpable sense of wonder—where the forces of nature are revealed in full view. To be honest, I didn’t think Death Valley National Park would be one of those ... Read More

By Todd W. Pierce on Jan 05, 2022