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Archive: July 2019

Costa Rica Birds 2019 Trip Report

This year, we had two back-to-back Costa Rica tours. Both were equally exciting and photographically productive. This trip report covers both tours.
After our welcome dinner and a brief talk about what... Read More

By Mark Thomas on Jul 31, 2019

Puffins on the Edge Iceland 2019 Trip Report

Puffins are believed to have evolved in the Pacific. Today there are four recognized species—horned, tufted, and Atlantic puffins, plus rhinoceros auklets.  Millions of years ago when the continental configurati... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Jul 25, 2019

Birds of Barrow Alaska 2019 Trip Report

Utqiagvik, the town formerly known as Barrow, sits 350 miles above the Arctic Circle on Alaska’s northern coastal plain. It is one of the best locations in the world to photograph arctic nesting shoreb... Read More

By Eric Rock on Jul 03, 2019

Birds and Musk Oxen of Nome Alaska 2019 Trip Report

The overnight rain showers had just subsided as our group’s flight touched down on the tarmac at Nome. The rain brought a glimmer to the unkempt charm of this coastal arctic community. We made the short drive to our ... Read More

By Eric Rock on Jul 03, 2019

Where Humpbacks Breach 2019 Trip Report

It was heavily overcast and misty—a perfect day to visit a glacier. We headed out from Petersburg onboard the Northern Song, a luxurious motor yacht with a skilled captain who has worked in the waters of Sou... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Jul 02, 2019