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Archive: July 2023

Puffins on the Fly, Iceland 2023 Trip Report

This was my very first time visiting Iceland and I was looking forward to learning the ropes from my local Iceland pro co-leader Daniel Bergmann. I had seen so many nice images of the scenic aspect of the Island country. B... Read More

By Mark Thomas on Jul 28, 2023

Olympic National Park 2023 Trip Report

Olympic National Park in one word—Diversity! I am not sure there is another park in the lower forty-eight states that encompasses such a variety of landscape photography possibilities. From snowcapped... Read More

By Melissa Scott on Jul 28, 2023

Arctic Birds and Musk Oxen of Nome, Alaska 2023 Trip Report

Winter was reluctant to give up its hold and allow spring the right to take command of the tundra this year. When winter finally gave in, spring happened in just a manner of two days. Our group was fortunate to be there as... Read More

By Eric Rock on Jul 26, 2023

Namibia 2023 Trip Report

Namibia is one of the most rugged countries in the world. Full of rocky outcroppings and sand, Namibia is a very dry country. It receives just over 10 inches of rain per year (on average, across the country). The Namib des... Read More

By Mike Byrne on Jul 11, 2023