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Archive: June 2018

Namibia 2018 Trip Report

I've just returned home from leading the 2018 Joseph Van Os Photo Safari to Namibia.  This is an unique tour in that it is split into two distinct parts, with the first half of the trip all about landscape photogr... Read More

By John Shaw on Jun 22, 2018

Wild Hawai'i 2018 Trip Report

There are few places I’ve been to on this planet as dynamic as the Big Island of Hawaii. Its diverse climatic zones, weather, vegetation, and dramatic elevation changes make it one of the most interesting location... Read More

By Todd Pierce on Jun 04, 2018

Slovenia 2018 Trip Report

WOW!  Slovenia!  To my taste Slovenia is one of the nicest countries I have visited in Europe—and certainly my new favorite. Spectacularly photogenic, this tiny New Jersey-sized country sits at the nexus... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Jun 04, 2018