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Archive: June 2023

Patagonia in Autumn 2023 Trip Report

Our Patagonia trip began in Buenos Aires where we met up with our group of hearty photographers on our first day in Argentina. After restin... Read More

By Jeff Vanuga on Jun 15, 2023

Florida Birds 2023 Trip Report

It’s common knowledge among nature photographers that Florida is one of the absolute best places for bird photography. From December through June, bird activity throughout the state is incredible. February and March ... Read More

By Mark Thomas on Jun 15, 2023

Brown Bears of Silver Salmon Creek 2022 Trip Report

I led two Brown Bears of Silver Salmon Creek Trips in 2022. The first one was July 5-11 and the second one was August 17-23. The two trips were only six weeks apart but, at this location early July trips are normally quite... Read More

By Gary Alt on Jun 06, 2023