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Archive: March 2023

Japan’s Winter Wildlife 2023 Trip Report

Most of the time it’s easy to understand how the Joseph Van Os photo tours get their tour names. And this trip being christened “Japan’s Winter Wildlife” is no different. What the title can’t ... Read More

By Eric Rock on Mar 27, 2023

Snowy Owls of the Canadian Prairies 2023 Trip Report

Much of the vast Canadian prairies have been “tamed” by agriculture. And starting in the 1950’s, the province of Alberta underwent a massive oil boom from which the petroleum industry further help... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Mar 27, 2023

Whales, Dolphins, and Deserts of Mexico’s Baja 2023 Trip Report

This year’s Mexican whale photo safaris provided many amazing photographs as well as an important life lesson. It’s a common belief that emotions such as happiness and grief, curiosity and boredom, and fear and... Read More

By Wayne Lynch on Mar 14, 2023

Yellowstone in Winter 2023 Trip Report

On the western fringes of the Yellowstone Plateau lies one of five gateway communities to Yellowstone National Park—West Yellowstone, Montana. In winter, snow averages range from 3.5–5 feet. That combined with ... Read More

By Jeff Vanuga on Mar 14, 2023