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Archive: November 2022

Faroe Islands 2022 Trip Report

My first glimpse of Faroese terrain came through a fleeting hole in the fog as my plane descended toward the runway on a rainy June morning. Although streaking beads of water obscured my view through the window, I spotted ... Read More

By Todd W. Pierce on Nov 22, 2022

Scotland's Highlands in Autumn 2022 Trip Report

I have been eagerly awaiting this tour far longer than I ever imagined. Finally, it is here, and Scotland is glorious in all its moods and fall colours.

I first scouted this tour with local guide Warwick Lis... Read More

By Mike Byrne on Nov 01, 2022

Botswana Wildlife—From the Ground Up 2022 Trip Report

Every photo trip I lead, I can count on one question getting asked of me—and no, it isn’t where is the bathroom? I am usually asked, what is my favorite trip to lead? I almost inevitably answer, every trip I do... Read More

By Eric Rock on Nov 01, 2022