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Brown Bears of Silver Salmon Creek 2013 Trip Report

The Brown Bears of Silver Salmon Creek photo adventures actually begin in Anchorage. Our chartered single engine turbo-charged aircraft is very well suited to take us, and all our gear, into the realm of Alaska’s ... Read More

By Perry Conway on Oct 31, 2013

Kenya Wildlife 2013 Trip Report

If you are an avid wildlife photographer and world traveler Kenya has to be at the top of your bucket list as a destination to photograph some of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles. Whenever I lead this trip... Read More

By Jeff Vanuga on Oct 25, 2013

Jaguars and Wildlife of Brazil’s Pantanal 2013 Trip(s) Report

My “search image” for jaguars had not yet “kicked-in” on our first boat ride up the Cuiabá River. We left our hotel just after 6 AM and the caffeine from our breakfast coffee had barely started t... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Oct 22, 2013

Brown Bears of Katmai National Park 2013 Trip Report

A visit to Katmai National Park in Alaska at the peak of the July salmon run to photograph the huge concentration of brown bears that congregate there should be on everyone’s bucket list. I’ve led the Joseph... Read More

By Len Rue, Jr. on Oct 22, 2013

Botswana Wildlife 2013 Trip Report

Botswana is a fantastic African safari destination which should be on every wildlife photographer’s “must do” list. I led a small group there this September, and am planning a return trip as soon as po... Read More

By John Shaw on Oct 22, 2013

Photography In The National Parks: The Bears Of Katmai

PLEASE NOTE: This article was written by Photo Safaris client Rebecca Latson and originally appeared on the National Parks Traveler websit... Read More

By Rebecca Latson on Oct 01, 2013

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