Turkey: Continental Crossroads 2012 Trip Report

By Darrell Gulin on Sep 27, 2012

I’ve just finished editing images and the last of my digital conversions from a fantastic Joseph Van Os Photo Safari to Turkey—the Continental Crossroads.  What a trip!  It was a photographic dream filled with exotic locations, color, adventure and great food.

We arrived in Istanbul and stayed at the Arcadia Hotel.  The view from my room was of the Blue Mosque and Haghia Sophia and I was able to photograph these two icons of Istanbul just by opening my window.  To help adjust to the time change we spent the first two days in the city.  We photographed bazaars, markets, palaces and mosques—with our permits we were even able to photograph inside the Blue Mosque using our tripods!  That was just the beginning of our adventure.

Leaving Istanbul and flying eastward, we photographed in Mardin and Harran in the magical light of early morning and late evening and on Mt. Nemrut at sunrise.  In Cappadocia, a hot-air balloon ride was an opportunity to photograph those sculpted fairy chimneys from the air—and create some of the most graphic landscape images I have ever done.  Our local leader and guide, Mehmet, took our group to an old Greek village where—in every direction we turned—we found colorful buildings and photogenic doorways.

Driving southwestward brought us to the Mediterranean Sea and the Old Harbor area of Antalya and, later in the trip, to Kusadasi on the Aegean coast.  En route, we photographed the impressive Roman ruins of Perge and Ephesus.  But the colorful fields of red poppies, including crops of legally-grown heroin poppies, blooming along our way were the photographic highlights.

But enough descriptive chitchat!  Just watch my slideshow—the pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.

Yes, I must go back!