Europe Photo Tours

Our Europe Photo Tours offer an opportunity to shoot a variety of subject matter in a number of picturesque countries. The diversity of landscapes and cultures in Europe provides us with a photographically rich destination made up of stunning mountain landscapes, quaint medieval towns, cathedrals, centuries-old architecture, and colorful scenery. In addition to photo tours throughout the continent, we also offer a variety of trips in Iceland where the island nation's geothermal landscapes and wildlife are the subjects of our photography.

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Faroe Islands
May 25 - Jun 02, 2023
Discover the little-visited unspoiled Faroe Islands.  Treeless, spring-green-mantled terrain rises to rocky crags or drops to the sea below.  Waterfalls plunge steeply and colonies of breeding seabirds cover volcanic cliffs. Colorful turf-roofed houses and working fishing boats add a human element.
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Spitsbergen/Svalbard—The Ultimate Pack Ice Voyage
Jun 26 - Jul 12, 2023
An unparalleled 17-day photo cruise to the far north pack ice for outstanding photography of polar bears, walruses, seals, nesting seabirds and other Arctic wildlife. Shoot expansive Arctic landscapes of rugged coastal mountains, glaciers, and icescapes. A not-to-be-missed Arctic photo adventure!
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Puffins on the Fly, Iceland
Jun 26 - Jul 04, 2023
Iceland is home to more than half the world’s population of Atlantic puffins—as well as fantastic numbers of other seabirds that nest on its towering cliffs.  We photograph at scenic Grimsey Island, one of the country's most amazing puffin colonies, for 5 shooting days.
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Alps in Autumn
Oct 04 - Oct 15, 2023
For photographers, the Alps are like no other place in the world with such easily accessible and photogenic towering glaciated peaks, alpine meadows and lush forested valleys. Striking fall colors, incredible mountain scenery, great food and lodgings combine in this outstanding European photo shoot,
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Scotland's Highlands in Autumn
Oct 06 - Oct 16, 2023
Photograph iconic landscapes of Scotland’s Highlands in autumn's colorful tapestry. Time-weathered mountains, lochs, coastlines and castles beckon us through this ancient land's dramatic mix of light and mist.
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Slovenia in Autumn
Oct 16 - Oct 27, 2023
Explore timeless, tiny Slovenia, ablaze with autumn color.  Photograph spectacular lakes, majestic mountains, striking waterfalls, alpine meadows, vineyards, bucolic farms and architecturally picturesque villages.  Shoot some of Europe's most beautiful natural areas virtually devoid of tourists. 
Dalmatian Pelicans and Meteora Monasteries
Jan 16 - Jan 26, 2024
Dalmatian pelicans—world’s largest, rarest, and most photogenic—in breeding plumage, and the spectacular Meteora monasteries landscapes are featured in this diverse winter photo tour in Northern Greece.
Norway's Lofoten Islands
Feb 15 - Feb 23, 2024
The Lofoten Archipelago is considered by many to be the most beautiful setting in Norway. Jagged mountains rise from the sea as backdrops to cozy fishing villages. Rugged seascapes are seen at every turn.  With clear weather this landscape is a spectacular foreground for the aurora borealis
Norway’s Senja Island in Winter
Feb 23 - Mar 01, 2024
Virtually undiscovered by photographers, Senja Island and adjacent Lyngen Alps provide world class winter arctic landscape photography with an outstanding potential for spectacular aurora borealis displays. Reside in comfy hotels in the heart of this accessible, raw, and rugged countryside.
White Horses of Camargue
Apr 07 - Apr 14, 2024
Consider the dreamlike quality of a herd of white horses as they thunder—manes flashing, foam flying—across the shallow marshlands of France’s famous Camargue. Consider, too, the prospect of four days of electrifying photography, capturing every nuance of these powerful horses hurtling directly toward...
Faroe Islands
Apr 18 - Apr 26, 2024
Far to the north, amidst the frothing swells of the Atlantic Ocean, lies a small archipelago of remote and rugged islands. Situated halfway between Norway and Iceland—and far off the radar screen of most photography travelers—they are known as the Faroe Islands. These eighteen little-visited island gems...
May 11 - May 26, 2024
Where East meets West. An exciting cross section of spectacular Cappadocia landscapes, extraordinary architecture, incredible Greek and Roman ruins, a wonderful cuisine, and friendly people that combine to make this a trip of superlatives. Explore the best of Istanbul and beyond.
Italy’s Dolomite Mountains in Spring
Jun 15 - Jun 25, 2024
One of the most photogenic mountain landscapes on Earth. Vertical walls of pale gray rock rise steeply above foothills forested with golden larches, sweeping meadows, deep valleys, crystal-clear alpine lakes and charming mountain towns.
Puffins on the Fly, Iceland
Multiple Departure Dates 2024
Iceland is home to more than half the world’s population of Atlantic puffins—as well as fantastic numbers of other seabirds that nest on its towering cliffs. We photograph at scenic Grimsey Island, one of the country's most amazing puffin colonies, for 5 shooting days.
Croatia and Slovenia: Food, Wine & Photography
Oct 22 - Nov 02, 2024
Focus on the breadbasket of this beautiful region.  Photography concentrates on the autumn landscapes of rolling hills, traditional villages, vineyards, private estates, wine cellars, and the Adriatic seacoast.  Wine tastings of regional wines plus food photography with a professional food stylist.