Tour Leader: Melissa Scott

Melissa Scott is an enthusiastic professional naturalist and photographer with over 26 years of experience raising environmental awareness through firsthand encounters with our natural world. Her immersion in photography began in 1987, inspired by the beauty and grandeur of Glacier National Park. Since that time, she has traveled the world as an expedition leader to China, Mexico, Canada, Svalbard, Greenland and the US. Melissa’s images have been published in a variety of magazines, catalogs and websites. Her passion, however, is in helping others capture exciting images of the places they visit by inspiring them to better understand the natural and cultural history of their subject. Melissa lives in Montana.

Melissa's Scheduled Tours

Olympic National Park, Washington    Jun 25 - Jul 01, 2023
Caddo Lake and Big Cypress Bayou in Autumn    Oct 26 - Oct 30, 2023
Bosque del Apache & White Sands National Park    Dec 10 - Dec 16, 2023
Mountain of Butterflies    Feb 25 - Mar 02, 2024