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What is a Photo Safaris Tour Like?

A Joseph Van Os Photo Safari is like no other kind of journey. While virtually every tour company includes "photography" as part of their overall trip activities, Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris is set apart by our commitment to offer the finest in outdoor photography and related travel. That means we spend more time at the places we visit than other nature/photo/adventure travel companies for a more in-depth photo exploration of the wildlife, wild places and people we encounter along the way.

Taking part in a Joseph Van Os Photo Safari is a concentrated and productive photography experience. Unlike many companies that offer trips "suitable" for general travelers, nature enthusiasts and photographers combined, our trips are designed exclusively for nature and outdoor photography enthusiasts. Our trips give you more time in the field to work on your photography while observing nature, rather than dashing from place to place with numerous short stops throughout the day. Our trip itineraries revolve around creating opportunities for photography, unlike the many tours where the photographer must search for time in the itinerary to squeeze in a few quick shots, while the trip attempts to cater to clients with divergent interests.

patagonia-photographer.jpgOur groups are frequently out with the sunrise as well as the sunset to capture photographic images in the sweet low light—the best time of day to take pictures. We often take midday breaks, when the light is harsh, so we can recharge before returning to the field. Our groups visit national parks, wildlife reserves, private ranches, tribal lands, deserts, rain forests, remote islands, wildlife migration stopovers and areas of significant cultural interest. The pace of our trips is customarily relaxed—you can't do your best photography if you're being rushed. We usually work out of vans, boats and small busses. When the shooting will take place from inside a boat or vehicle we go the extra mile to arrange for as much space as possible in these transports, within the bounds of reasonable logistical and cost considerations, to offer optimum photography—everywhere we go!

We don't cut corners. From the time you contact our office until we bid you farewell, you will receive the attention, service and great accommodations upon which our world-class reputation is based. Our Photo Safaris are "all-inclusive" from meals, accommodations, in-tour transportation, entrance fees, leader services and other items essential to a successful trip. We are in the "trip-of-a-lifetime" business—a company that offers unsurpassed photography opportunities, excellent leaders, great food, comfortable lodging, and above all, a lot of fun!


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