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Worldwide Photography Tours since 1980

Worldwide Photography Tours Since 1980

Join us and turn your lens towards the extraordinary!

Embarking on a Van Os Photo Safari is no ordinary journey—it’s an immersive photographic experience. We provide the best in outdoor photography and related travel, unlike other travel companies that merely include photography as a side activity. This means we spend much more time at each location, allowing for deeper exploration and photography of the wildlife, wild places, cultures, and architectural treasures we encounter.

Our photo tours are designed specifically for nature and outdoor photography enthusiasts, offering a focused and productive photography experience. We prioritize time in the field for you to hone your photography skills and savor the joy of capturing a singular moment in time through your lens—rather than spending the precious in-the-field time you’ve traveled so far to enjoy in instructional image processing sessions in hotel conference rooms.

We regularly start our days with the sunrise and end with the sunset, capturing images in the soft, low light—the ideal time for photography. We take breaks when midday light is harsh, giving us time to rest, recharge and download before heading back into the field. Our trips are paced to allow for relaxed and unhurried photography. We aim to make photography both productive and fun without beating up our tour participants.

Our destinations include national and state parks, wildlife reserves, private ranches, tribal lands, deserts, rain forests, remote islands, wildlife migration stopovers, medieval villages, and culturally significant World Heritage areas. We always ensure we have the necessary permits and permissions, and we are authorized by the US National Park Service.

We typically use vans, boats, and small buses for transportation. When shooting from inside a boat or vehicle, we make sure to arrange for ample space within reasonable logistical and cost considerations, to provide the best possible photography experience.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to quality. From the moment you contact us until we bid you farewell; you can expect the excellent service and tour arrangements upon which our world-class reputation is based. Our Photo Safaris include all meals, comfortable accommodations, in-tour transportation, entrance fees, leader services, and other essentials for a successful trip. We are in the “trip-of-a-lifetime” business—a company that offers unsurpassed outdoor photography experiences.