Tour Leader: Wayne Lynch

Wayne Lynch is a former emergency physician who has worked for more than a quarter century as a full-time science writer and photographer. He is the author of award-winning books and television documentaries, a popular guest lecturer, and Canada’s best known and most widely published professional wildlife photographer. His photo credits include hundreds of magazine covers and tens of thousands of images published in over two dozen countries. Wayne is a veteran tour leader, having led over 150 trips worldwide. He lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife, Aubrey Lang. 

Wayne's Scheduled Tours

Ultimate Galápagos    Jun 05 - Jun 22, 2019
China’s Endangered Wildlife    Oct 08 - Oct 20, 2019
Whales, Dolphins and Deserts of Mexico's Baja Peninsula    Feb 16 - Feb 27, 2020
Ultimate Galápagos    May 20 - Jun 06, 2020
China’s Endangered Wildlife    Oct 06 - Oct 18, 2020