Arctic & Antarctica Photo Tours

Back in 1996 Photo Safaris was the first company to ever charter a ship exclusively for an Antarctica Photo Tour. Never before had a cruise to Antarctica been designed with the unique needs of photographers at the center of all activities. Since then we've added similar photographers-only chartered cruises to other polar destinations, including Spitsbergen, Greenland, the Sub-Antarctic Islands, and more. We also offer numerous land-based tours to photograph the wildlife and scenery of the Far North and Far South. No other photo tour company has the combination of experience and knowledge that we have to deliver an unparalleled and productive photography trip to the polar regions.

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Puffins on the Fly, Iceland
Jul 07 - Jul 15, 2021
Iceland is home to more than half the world’s population of Atlantic puffins—as well as fantastic numbers of other seabirds that nest on its towering cliffs.  We photograph at scenic Grimsey Island, one of the country's most amazing puffin colonies, for 5 shooting days.
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The Falkland Islands
Nov 04 - Nov 22, 2021
The Falkland Islands provide some of the world’s best seabird photography with an exceptional variety of unwary species. Little can compare with the excitement of sitting leisurely next to a lively penguin colony, waves crashing against rocky cliffs, envisioning compositions galore.
Greenland's Scoresby Sound
Aug 23 - Sep 03, 2022
Journey by classic three masted schooner into the world's largest and most photogenic fjord system. Photograph colorful autumn tundra, towering glaciers, massive wave-sculpted icebergs and graphic arctic landscapes bathed in long, low sunset light.