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Archive: April 2023

Death Valley in Spring 2023 Trip Report

Death Valley has a reputation for extremes. It is the lowest place, the driest place, and the hottest place in North America. Yet, it is but a “stone’s throw” from our highest mountain in ... Read More

By Melissa Scott on Apr 13, 2023

Humpbacks, Eagles and Alaska’s Herring Spawn 2023 Trip Report

Humpback whales have bad breath! I can definitively report that—after numerous “bubble-net” feeding groups of humpbacks surfaced close to our boat while we were down-wind of their moist fishy breath. And ... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Apr 12, 2023

Bald Eagles, Sea Otters & Wildlife of Kachemak Bay 2023 Trip Report

Bald eagles have made a remarkable recovery from the days in the mid-1900’s when they bordered on the threat of extinction throughout much of their range. Now, sightings of this familiar symbol of America are much mo... Read More

By Joe Van Os on Apr 07, 2023