Ship-Based Photo Tours

Our ship-based photo tours allow us to photograph wildlife—particularly marine mammals and seabirds— and landscapes in areas where access by land or air may not be practical. When considering a ship for one of our trips, our three primary concerns are 1) your safety, 2) your comfort, and 3) does the ship provide a good "platform" for photography—i.e., does it have plenty of deck space for tripods, can we get to and from shore easily, does the captain and crew understand our photography goals, etc. We always take exclusive ship charters for our trips so our group's photographic goals directs every aspect of our daily activities—with no compromises for non-photographers. A sometimes overlooked benefit of ship-based photo tours—but one that is greatly appreciated once on board—is that participants can settle into their cabin for an extended stay, only having to unpack gear and clothing once during the tour!

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Ultimate Galápagos
May 29 - Jun 15, 2024
Our signature two-week extended voyage around Darwin's enchanted islands. The most exciting and comprehensive Galápagos itinerary we've ever offered. Visit virtually all of the most spectacular photo locations. Fantastic boat, great shooting, good food, tropical sunshine, and lots of fun! 
Whales, Wildlife and Wilderness—Alaska
Jun 24 - Jul 03, 2024
Experience the breathtaking excitement of world-class humpback whale photography in the pristine waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage during the prime summer season. Whales breach, tail-slap, and bubble-net and lunge feed amidst snowcapped mountain backdrops on this luxurious photo cruise.
Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
Jul 25 - Aug 02, 2024
Glacier Bay is among the world’s most active tidewater glacial areas. The deep ice-jammed waters support a variety of photogenic wildlife, both in these frigid waters and onshore. Whales, bears and seabirds abound. Cruise the bay and its glaciers by luxurious private yacht with special park entry permit.